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falling from heaven~
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Which I-I have, of course… a bed. And a home.

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Not only does Dean show he cares about Cas. He also shows he knows Cas, since every one of these times, Cas was in fact not feeling too good about things.

We can’t always tell. But Dean always can.

That last moment is something we should be talking about more, because for all those times that he was callous, all those times that he let Cas think he was only as good as his powers, this was him making up for it.

You said I sucked," Cas told him in Heaven Can’t Wait, and god Dean was struck by it, by the knowledge that his words could have been so hurtful to someone like Cas that he remembered them still, after everything that has come since.

Now though, he knows. He understands the effect that his dismissal had on Cas, and he doesn’t want to let it happen again. In that one sentence he’s not just asking Cas if he’s okay, he’s telling him that he doesn’t care about the powers. That he just cares about Cas, his best friend, his only family outside of Sam.

For everyone who has been saying that this season has undone the progression of Dean and Cas’ relationship Season Eight, please look at moments like this. This is growth. This is understanding.

Without the struggles they’ve faced this season, both together and apart, they would not be in this place, and I for one see this as a very positive step.

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deanmeme | favourite outfits [2/6] - season 7 jacket

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jensen ackles + shirts

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jensen ackles + shirts

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